The main objectives about this system are:)


The main aim of this hydroponic drainage collection and control system is to make sure that the greenhouse is not affected by any drainage water, which is why it is essential to effectively locate this hydroponic crop drainage system outside the greenhouse and re-use it for irrigation (hydroponics drainage circulation)


There should be good ventilation between the drainage gutter and the hydroponic greenhouse crop substrate


There should be effective circulation in hydroponic crop drainage systems and the roots of containers should not protrude from their own substrate in order to optimise your system and reduce disease


We have achieved these objectives by designing our SPACER in the shape of a rack with stands, which separate the substrate from the drainage circulation in your hydroponic crop system

After designing the SPACER, we made crucial improvements to the drainage collection system for hydroponic crops by adding clips, which keep the wings of the gutter in an upright and fixed position and stabilise the SPACER. As for irrigation, it enables the drip irrigation pipework to remain attached to the drainage control and circulation system for your hydroponic greenhouse crops. This way, as shown by the various drawings, the pipework will not be on the ground, meaning that it will not be stepped on; furthermore, if any water leakage is detected, it will remain in the drainage gutter of your hydroponic crop, thereby optimising water resources and making sure that the greenhouse floor is dry.

With a view to providing an outlet for the gutter drainage system, we have designed a cover with a discharge tube so as to connect a simple flexible hose and optimise the drainage recirculation and control for your hydroponic crop

Instructions for use.

The land should have a slope of 1%. Ideally will be a 1.5%, but also there must be taken into account that if there is a steep slope there will be different temperature inside of the greenhouse. Furthermore, it is not desirable from a structural point of view to give more than a slope of 1% to the greenhouse.

The slope must be uniform. This is very important because, otherwise, drainage deposits will be formed in the gutter which spread disease in your hydroponic greenhouse drainage system.

The gutter length should not exceed 60-70 meters.

Once picked up and taken the drainage outside the greenhouse, we have two possibilities; one, use it to irrigate in open field with the consequent benefit to reuse nutrients, and other, the disinfection, with the purpose of reusing this drainage.